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Arena - A combat area in MCM.

Bio-Mech - A mech that is either partially or mostly biological matter. Bio-mechs use special equipment that is exclusive to their category of mech. Bio-mechs also regenerate damage gradually though have less armor in general.

Buoyancy - A rating of how well a mech remains in the air. The higher this is the more likely the mech is to float in the air. A low buoyancy rating will cause a mech to sink like an iridium brick through water.

Hard Locked - A mech whose armaments and utilities may not be changed.

Hard Mount - Any piece of mech equipment that is specific and limited to a single mech or group of mechs. The opposite of omni-mount

Heat Dissipation - A metric of how rapidly a given mech is capable of exhausting waste heat into the environment. If a mech or vehicle overheats it will temporarily be rendered defenseless until its current heat falls below maximum.

Load Points - A rating of how much equipment a mech can equip. Each piece of equipment has an associated cost that is deducted from this total.

Mecha - A large mobile weapons platform, often mobile. These are worn as avatars in MCM.

Omni-Mount - A piece of mech equipment that be equipped on any mecha that is not hard-locked.

Premium Status - A status enabled by paying a monthly L$ fee. Grants small bonuses to various aspects of mech performance.