Meter 11

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You have buttons on either side of the bottom of the meter, the check button activates your meter for combat, the menu button gives you the basic menu, within the basic menu the two buttons I actually use is the global reset button which completely resets the meter and the support button which you need to use support perks. The arm all button activates all of your equipment. The hide button will hide the meter and provide a small show button to bring it back when you need it again. On the other side the power button shuts down your mech, this button is rarely used now because shutdown weapons don't exist at the time I'm writing this and ammo and repair drops no longer require you to shut down to repair and reload. The reset button only resets your meter when you've died in combat, outside of that situation use the menu global reset option to reset your meter. The eject button basically is a suicide button and is rarely needed unless you have run out of ammo for all your weapons or some circumstance like that. Between the buttons on the sides of the meter you have 10 buttons that correspond with each weapon slot for activating and deactivating equipment. The arm all button will activate or deactivate all weapons at once so you only need these when you need to toggle individual weapons for some reason.

You have a box on the far left of the meter that will when active tell you the field you are on and describe basic conditions of the field that can effect your mech (for instance snowy conditions can improve your heat managment)

Opposite that box you have one that displays a simple mech image that is an extra indicator of your health, as you take damage the image turns more and more red. It should be noted that the icon is not section dependant, you can have your legs destroyed and the leg section of this icon will not change it will still display the same colors it would based on the number of total hp you have left.

Dead center of the meter and above the buttons on the bottem you have a box that displays your level and experience. As you fight you gain experiece, both for time spent playing and for kills, especially to bot kills. When you have enough experience your level increases and you gain a point to spend on perks (more on those in the next section). you also have a display of the meter version above your level, when a meter update goes out this will tell you that you need to update your meter.

To the left of the version display you have something which when inactive reads "no core active" when you activate your meter though this will display the game mode that the field your on is set to. Game modes include free for all, team death match, capture the flag, and more. Above this you have five listings on either side of the meter that when the meter is inactive read "empty slot" when active these change to display the equipment you have and display the slot they use.

The targeting Reticle in the center of the meter is easy to spot, on either side of that you have bars that show your heat in read and your health in green. As youre heat builds the bar goes down, when your heat goes back down the bar raises up. The green meter for your health decreases as you take damage.

The final parts of the meter are the numbers floating near the top on either side which give you an accurate number read out of your heat and health.