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Welcome to MCM Wiki. MCM is a system that adds giant mecha combat simulation functionality to Second Life. Through the use of a special HUD, avatars, and attachments, you can engage other mecha pilots in a variety of arenas. The main sim for the MCM combat system is The Forge.

If you wish to edit or correct information in this wiki, sign in using the same MCM account name and password used for the main website.

MCM Information

Mecha - List of Mecha

Utilities - Available Utilities

Weaponry - Means of destruction

Game Modes - Different types of gameplay available

Administration - Current Staff

Timeline - Time line of the universe

Global Factions - Current global factions

Factions - Teams, clans, groups of players fighting for a common cause

Combat Arenas - Current official MCM combat areas

Terminology - List of setting specific terms and jargon

Guides - Pilot tactics and insights may be found in here

Rules - The current rules of MCM, read them, follow them, no excuses

Issue Tracker - Outstanding issues, on-going projects, and bugs.

MCM Forum - Official MCM discussion forum

RaidCall - Information on using RaidCall text/voice communication software with MCM.