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MCM has factions which are mainly something a player can set in order to get specific bonuses and penalties to their stats and performance. A faction may be set once, after that a player must spend some lindens for a respec before setting their faction again.

Terran Confederacy

Terran confederacy.png

Leader: Lucian Collas
Home: Earth

The Terran Confederacy was formed out of the remnant of the great houses, but offered asylum to anyone who wishes to join. Because the Confederacy has been fighting for close to seven hundred years they place a emphasis on aggression, as a result their weapons technology focuses on higher damage. Lack of research in the field of plasma cooling causes lower heat efficiency.

The Throg

The throg.png

Leader: Xxander Snook
Home: Andromeda Galaxy

The Throg were formed out of the remnant of the bio-mechs, but offered asylum to anyone who wishes to join. Because The Throg are the remnant of the bio-mech invaders their technology focuses mainly on nano regenerative armor. One of the downsides of this technology is that the armor plating is weekend by the nanites.

Planetary Coalition

Planetary coalition.png

Leader: Kalel Mommsen
Home: Pentagon

The Planetary Coalition was formed out of the remnant of the clans, but offered asylum to anyone who wishes to join. Because the Planetary Coalition has been fighting for close to five hundred years they have invested their technology in defensive armaments; at the cost of weapons research, resulting in lower damage output but high resistance.

Imperial Templars


Leader: Ender Hanner
Home: Copora Prime

The Imperial Templers arose from the ashes of the Terra Defense Network and with the secret assistance of House Davion. They offer asylum to anyone who will follow their doctrine. Due to the Templers focusing on ridding the galaxy of the Throg they have devoted all their technology and research to this single goal, as a result they have increased mobility of their mechs as well as increased armor and damage. In order to catch up with the Throg and to fight them effectively they have forgone coolant and re-fire research. This has caused them to fire less often and generate more heat per shot.



Leader: None
Home: None

Conscientious objectors to all the galactic factions. Therefore their technology is standard.