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MCM battle arenas generally run in the free for all mode. During special moderator run events different modes of play be enforced in different arenas. Some game modes are merely the moderator enforcing specific rules manually, such as last mech standing. Other game modes use special scripts and attachments, such as command point capture. Most events carry the possibility of experience point prizes or free mecha.

Capture The Flag

Command Point Capture

Command points are scattered around the field and two teams vie for control of them. The teams are denoted by special colored banners. The banners allow for the control of the command points. Standing on a command point switches it to your teams alignment. It takes 30 seconds to capture or de-capture a point. Multiple mechs on the same point switch its polarity faster.

This mode can be played in two fashions, for score or for control. When playing for control, victory is achieved when all the points are controlled by a single team. When playing for score, every few seconds teams have their scores increased based on the amount of control points they control. First team to reach the score limit wins.

Free for All

Free for all is the generalized gameplay style that goes on when no events are planned. Mechs may enter any arena and fire freely upon any mechs present. As with all modes, kills award experience. Kills are also tracked on the MCM website.

Fuel Depot

Both sides start with a rocket in their base and they have to get containers of fuel and bring it back to their base to fuel their rocket. It is possible to steal fuel from the enemy base to fuel your rocket.


One versus one matches held in a small circular arena.... no re-spawning, aerial support, healing or reloading allowed.

King of the Hill

One person is chosen as the king and players must defeat the king in a one and one battle.... if the player wins they become the new king... if not the current king gets to keep his position as long as he is undefeated..

Last Mech Standing

Last Mech Standing is a non-scripted event where all players enter the arena once the fight starts the event continues until only one mech is left standing. Anyone who is defeated stays down for the duration of the match. Support powers may or may not be allowed in this match. This may also be done in two teams, which are denoted through the use of colored banners. In this case the last team standing is declared the winning team.


Field gets set up like a game board with the goal of either being the first to reach the end of the board [the other rezz zone], or being the last mech left able to move.

Mechs become the game pieces though would have to limit it to ground only, no warp, strife, or JJ. There would be a dedicated dice roller that would be in charge of rolling a die to determine how many spaces each mech could move during their turn.

Some board spaces might be empty, others might end up having bonus moves on it, while some might end up sending you back some spaces or to the start. Others still might end up having mines or a dark matter on it, or a bot to fight. If two mechs were to land on the same space they would have to fight it out.

If a mech is destroyed it gets sent back to the start, or if it becomes unable to move it is stuck there until someone kills them, or the game ends. There would be no support drops of any kind allowed including repair and ammo.

Mech Race

A track is set up in an arena with kill-prim barriers. Mechs run along the track, usually there is a low ceiling to prevent jumping, flight is generally a very bad idea. Usually weapon use is disallowed until the final lap.


A multi objective mode that requires a team to complete several objectives while the other team defends them from completing the objectives within the time limit.


A special meter mode that separates various parts of your mech to be damageable and closer to what a real Battletech game would be like.


Sumo is played on a small arena. Usually it's played in a series of arranged one on one matches. A mech may win via ring out or by destroying its opponent. The use of flight utilities and the like is prohibited.

Team DeathMatch

Two assigned teams get together and try to wipe out the other team first. Teamwork is required to make the best effort to kill the other team effectively.