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The action of MCM takes place in a variety of combat arenas. As of this writing there are currently four official arenas in the main MCM sim.

Old City

Old City has more prims to it than any other arena

Old City is a blasted out cityscape that is somewhat open. Drab greys and browns color the landscape punctuated with bright yellow and green lights. The may layout is a grid of streets with some buildings on either side of a trench with a bridge over it.

The bridge may be destroyed and the pit beneath it instantly kills any mechs that fall into it. The buildings may be destroyed too, dealing damage to any mechs who are in contact with the falling edifice. There is a series of underground tunnels that connect to the central trench and a pipe near the back end of either side of Old City.

Flying mechs can find plenty of high perches to fire down from, however all these perches may be shot down. The tunnel network provides great cover to hide from flying agile mechs and force a close quarters engagement.


One wonders what those walkways are for...

Iceus is a frigid city bordered by elevated walkways. It's a sharp contrast of whites on dark greys with blue lighting scattered about. The city itself is a series of narrow streets hedged with tall buildings on either side. Unlike Old City, Iceus is far more cramped and close quarters within the city proper with no underground tunnels for sneaking betwixt points.

There's plenty of ambush opportunities within the city, staying around the edges keeps a pilot in far lighter combat conditions with more maneuverability as well as walkways to go up upon. With some judicious prim jumping even a ground-mech can get up on the building tops and take the battle to the snow covered roofs of Iceus's city.

All and all Iceus offers a mix of combat conditions and plenty of claustrophobia for anyone who heads for the center.


Abandon all hope ye who have no JumpJet

Parkour the multi-tiered city is a dark grey city built upon a series of platforms connected by a variety of walkways with plenty of blueish lighting. Both spawn points are on the lowest tier of the city, getting to the upper tiers requires navigating the walkways or using JumpJets.

Parkour's reduced gravity and three-dimensionality greatly favors mechs with the ability to get airborne. Especially buoyant mechs equipped with some sort of jet. Ground based mechs will find it hard to maneuver between the various tiers of Parkour.

All the tiers are very very open with the buildings scattered in a scant haphazard way.

Anomaly B-285

Home to scouring extraterrestrial sandstorms and ominous, ancient alien technologies.

A vast, arid desert, the site known as Anomaly B-285 is the most recent addition to the MCM arena lineup. Its wide-open skies allow unparalleled target opportunities for aerial units, yet also leave them open to retaliation from any point on the field, while the ground battle is fought between narrow trenches which weave between the planet's rolling sand dunes and mysterious alien artifacts.